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Shop Cleanup Kit - Red "M-Style Connectors"

Shop Cleanup Kit - Red "M-Style Connectors"


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Our Shop Cleanup Kits are not only great for automotive workshops but also woodshops, agricultural equipment and residential garages.

The Power Wand can be connected to a standard garden hose or to an air compressor.  The air compressor couplers are included with this kit to connect up to common air hose connectors.

The kit can be used with water using a standard garden hose connection to wash vehicles, to clean AC coils, radiators, and to clean the outside of your hose to name a few uses.

When used with an air compressor the Power Wand and blowgun can be used to blow accumulated dust and debris from AC coils, radiators, and other confined spaces that need cleaning.

The Red Shop Cleanup Kit – comes with "M-Style Connectors" for connecting to all of your existing “M-Style” equipment.

The kit also includes an air manifold that can be attached to your air compressor allowing multiple air hoses to be connected at once. 

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